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Sarah Baker and her Kentish Theatres 1737-1816: Challenging the Status Quo 

Sarah Baker was an illiterate fairground performer who became one of the most successful self-made women of her time. By presenting her unlikely transformation from strolling player to wealthy entrepreneur in relation to the pressures under which she operated, this book casts new light not only on the role of Georgian provincial theatre but also on the volatile times in which Sarah Baker lived.

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The Holdens: Monarchs of the Marionette Theatre 

Based on extensive archival research and lavishly illustrated, The Holdens: Monarchs of the Marionette Theatre explains why the Holden family were the most celebrated English marionette performers of the 19th century

The Soho Theatre 1968-1981 

The Soho Theatre 1968-1981 is a detailed study of the development of one of the most successful theatres …

Shakespeare for Everyman: Ben Greet in Early Twentieth-Century America 

Only the second book ever published on Sir Philip Ben Greet (1857-1936), this is the first to study his U.S. and Canadian tours, and the significance of his productions of Shakespeare

Bandits! or, The Collapsing Bridge 

Bandits! or, The Collapsing Bridge centres on the earliest extant motion picture filmed in a British theatre in 1902

The History of the Prince of Wales’s Theatre 1771-1903 

A closely focused history of a single venue in London over more than a century, it adds invaluably to our knowledge of London theatre history

Tales of the Tricycle Theatre 

This volume provides an inside look at the history of an important north London theatre

Lena Ashwell 

A new biography of Lena Ashwell, actress-manager (1869-1957)

Pinacotheca Bettertonaeana 

Pinacotheca Bettertonæana gives by far the most detailed evidence available of the personal and professional interests of any seventeenth-century performer

Meggie Albanesi: A Life in the Theatre 

Meggie Albanesi was the rising star of her generation. This book chronicles Albanesi’s brief life, assesses the nature and impact of her talent and speculates on what she might have achieved

A Chronicle of Small Beer: The Life and Times of a Victorian Actress 

Winifred Dolan’s recently rediscovered diary provides a vivid account of the late 19th-century stage

British Theatrical Patents 1901-1950 

This collection of patents registered at the British Patents Office in the first half of the 20th-century is a valuable resource for anyone interested in theatre, engineering, magic, and architecture

Oxford Playhouse: High and Low Drama in a University City 

Published to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its present home, this book traces the Playhouse’s history from 1889, and follows the often difficult relationship between theatre and University

The Theatric Tourist 

Facsimile of James Winston’s 1804-5 publication of illustrations and descriptions of nearly 300 British theatres